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"How much time should I spend trading" is one of the questions answered at It is not so much the amount of time you spend trading, but the quality of time that is more important. "How much time should I spend trading" suggests you should spend more time early in your trading career to become familiar with trading and what you need to do. Although the Forex market is a 24-hour market, you are unlikely to trade all hours. So choose the best time to suit you and your time zone. And pick a time period which means you can trade regularly and select strategies and currency pairs appropriate to your time period. The different trading sessions in Tokyo, London and New York are introduced by "How much time should I spend trading".
Plan B's training courses teach several strategies suitable for trading at different times of the day. You will gain experience trading these strategies through live trading during the course. You can find out more about our training and coaching programmes and you can book your place on a public class at Alternatively, call +44 203 603 4983 to have a chat about your trading education requirements or to discuss coaching with a trader.
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