Forex Broker costs and broker tricks part 2

More at In this second video about the costs of doing business in FX I look at what happens when you start with just 1k capital have high leverage ad are paying $10 spread to open and close your trades as is typical in spread betting companies.

In the video I look at another excel spreadsheet which I have knocked up to show you exactly what I mean. Even if your profit is very high, if you also have plenty of trades and such a spread then the market will get you.
Most retail FX traders get carried away in the euphoria of their brokers promises and rhetoric, everyone has to earn their living but brokers are the last people you should be listening too and trusting. Get yourself a broker or preferably ECN when the costs are as low as possible and make sure you do not fall foul to expensive broker costs which will kill your trading system. For more please send me an email at paul at or visit my website
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