Day In The Life of a Forex Trader | Working Full Time in London


New chapter in my trading journey - I started a full time job! Not your typical ‘forex traders’ lifestyle choice. But hey, this is real stuff right here. No fluff. No BS. Nothing wrong with a job and nothing wrong with trading full time. Keep watching the video and you’ll find out why I stopped ‘full time trading’ and got a job. Hope you enjoy the video!

If you’re new here:
Welcome to my channel! I'm Hannah, I document my forex trading journey. I started back in Jan 2018 making all the mistakes possible and realised how flawed the forex space was on social media (I'm sick of those, 3 simple steps to become a millionaire) - hence, I created my channel to show my progress.. not only 'trading' wise but also in a personal development point of view.

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